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Sagacious choice

Saiva Mangaiyar Vidyalayam, Wellawatte

The appointment of a leader is no accident or chance event. Effective and successful leaders are mentored by the best. Perfect Prefects features Head Girl of Saiva Mangaiyar Vidyalayam Wellawatte, Abhirami Thillainadarajah, who is an all-rounded personality and is ready to take up the baton and lead as Head Prefect.

Thillainadarajah pointed out that the perfect role model a young person needs is someone who is well organized, and said that one problem she sees in society is that people do not plan ahead. You have to meet and answer life’s challenges. At some point in your life, you need to start planning ahead. You cannot escape life’s demands and challenges. If you do not plan ahead, you will be vulnerable. No plan, no self-advancement.

bility to lead

“I think it is important that people should possess sagacity. Leaders should possess sagacity. Money and power is not everything in life, is it? A role model needs to be an inspiring character who can lead others. Leadership is about working for the welfare of others and for the good of the country,” said Thillainadarajah.

Thillainadarajah always remembers the words of her Predecessor, former Head Girl of Saiva Mangaiyar Vidyalayam, Hamshica Mohanathas - “Do not be afraid of problems. In my year as Head Prefect, I have faced many problems. We have to overcome our problems. You need to be a leader and not merely a boss. You have to set an example to the other students. You need to lead by example. You need to be brave. And you need to study diligently while pursuing extra-curricular activities. Setting goals are important in your life and then you need to work towards it. Do not be intimidated by anything that comes your way. You belong to a fine school with a wonderful principal, Arunthathy.”

Thillainadarajah also laid much emphasis on the need to have a knowledge of science. She stated that one of the main issues in the world is pollution. The common excuses used to justify pollution is the need for development. This is not true and should not be so. So knowledge of science is important and an understanding of what we are doing to the planet is important.

“Before I received the post of Head Prefect, I underwent a thorough training. I received responsibilities by working in other clubs. I was moulded to become a leader. The teachers have been instrumental in my success. I have seen so many functions happening and have taken part in them. I have learnt a lot from my predecessor, Head Prefect Hamshica Mohanathas. She taught me and guided me. My teachers and senior prefects counselled me and helped me a lot as well,” stated Thillainadarajah.

Exemplary roles

Amongst the leaders she admires is Abdul Kalam because of his humility. Even though he was the President he was an example of humility while holding one of the most powerful positions on earth.

“I have read his books and I consider him a very good leader who had quite a following in India. I believe he was not materialistic and worldly and was a good man. He was also a man of science and for me the perfect role model for a young person and the ideal citizen for the world. If I could make a small difference in the world in my capacity I would like to work for women empowerment because even though people say women have an equality right now, there are situations where women are being victimized, and many crimes are being committed against women. Because of that, there is an attitude of fear amongst some women. They are afraid to speak out because of a violent backlash. Anything can happen. I wish to propose that women should equip themselves by learning maybe martial arts, and my opinion is that women should not be afraid, because in truth they are equal to men. They need to protect their physical body and learn Yoga and Meditation for spirituality. They need to be strong enough to fight for their rights,” explained Thillainadarajah.

She stated that she would like to become a scientist and that she admires Stephen Hawking as well. Her plan of action is to enter a University in Sri Lanka and study science subjects. She stated enthusiastically that she loves her country with all her heart.

Poverty factor

“Child abuse and poverty are two problems that need to be addressed. Sometimes child abuse in some cases may be due to poverty. I understand that when disaster struck India in the form of a cyclone, the parents sold their own children due to hunger. So it is a kind of child abuse. They sold their own children for money. Poverty and Child abuse are interconnected.

I feel so sorry when I see little children on roads begging for money. At this point in time being so young I am unable to help them since I am not earning. But once I finish my studies and earn, I hope to start an institution where poverty-stricken people can obtain assistance – mainly the children and women. Then they can lead comfortable lives. I feel so bad about them. One day I will help them,” pointed out Thillainadarajah.

Her message to young people is – don’t be afraid to face problems.

“Whenever we look at a problem, we try to escape from it. But we should not do that. We have to face the problem. Only then can we put an end to the problem. Every problem has a solution. Be bold and be courageous,” added Thillainadarajah.

She commented that amongst her hobbies, she likes to read books similar to the Harry Potter series and she reads a lot of books related to science. She also listens to music and does a lot of sports. She is also a fan of Dan Brown whose books are part science and part fiction which is thrilling! Harry Potter is so interesting and so bold! She points out that even though he lost his parents he turns out to be a very good person.



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