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SLFP will form broad alliance to steer country - Prof. Piyadasa

The country’s second freedom struggle will start with the SLFP’s formation of a broad political alliance, former SLFP General Secretary and Kelaniya University’s Mass Communication Department Prof. Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa said.

Addressing a press conference convened by a group of university academics in Colombo yesterday, Prof. Piyadasa said the SLFP would soon form a broad political alliance uniting all nationalist forces of the country.

“The people are burdened with economic hardships.The country’s economy is at peril. The people are demanding an anti-UNP alliance. The discussions in that regard with several political parties have been successful. It must surpass not merely be a political alliance but a national movement with intellectuals, academics, professionals and ordinary people in the forefront.

The time is ripe for a second freedom struggle,” he commented.

Open University’s senior lecturer Nemsiri Jayathilake speaking in favour of continuing the Executive Presidency said the country needs a firm and stable rule if it is to march forward. “Many other countries where there are stable governments including China, the USA and Brazil etc have the presidential system. It is not a scapegoat,” he commented.

When questioned by journalists as to whether they disagree with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who had said that he supports the abolition of Executive Presidency, Prof.Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa said the concept of abolishing the Executive Presidency must be weighed together with other Constitutional proposals being made.

“The SLFP has been in favour of abolishing it for a long time now, but it has to be studied in the current context.We can discuss on former President Rajapaksa’s stance,” he replied.


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