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Rathgama killings: Firearms sealed

Under the instructions of the Criminal Investigations Department, police took steps yesterday to seal the firearms safe containing the weapons of the Southern Province Senior DIG’s Investigation Unit, whose officials are charged with abducting, killing and burning the bodies of the two Rathgama businessmen.

Consequent to the postmortem, T-56 automatic weapons from the safe are to be submitted to the Government Analyst.

According to the police, several more bone fragments were found at a location in the Kanamuldeniya reserve in Medagoda, Wallasmulla, where the bodies of the two businessmen were burnt.

The businessmen had been abducted, assaulted and killed in a brutal manner in a house in Gonamulla in the Akmeemana Police Division. Their bodies were set on fire in the Kanamuldeniya reserve.

Bone and teeth fragments from the scene of the crime were submitted to the Government Analyst yesterday.

Wallasmulla Magistrate Suranga Munasinghe was scheduled to visit the crime scene yesterday.


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