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SLAF Anniversary in Hingurakgoda from March 2:

Air Tattoo 2019 to feature air power, cycle race

President Maithripala Sirisena will inaugurate the 68th anniversary celebrations of Sri Lanka Air Force at the Air Force Base in Hingurakgoda on March 2.

The 68th “Air Force Day”, the premier event in the SLAF calendar, will feature a series of activities including an airshow-cum-exhibition titled “Air Tattoo”, which will feature parades, fly pasts, flying assets, aircraft simulations and the capacity of the SLAF to face any eventualities such as enemy attacks, natural or man-made disasters and its offensive abilities.

The most important event of the celebrations will be the Presidential Colours Awarding ceremony, Air Vice Marshal Sagara Kotakadeniya said the President will award Presidential Colorus to two of the Sri Lanka Air Force’s Squadron, namely the No 07 Helicopter Squadron and No 08 Light Transport Squadron, on May 2 for their service to the nation for the past 68 years.

One of the spotlights of the celebrations over the years, the cycle racing event, the Guwan Hamuda Papedi Sawariya’, will be held for the 20th consecutive year this year (2019) with the collaboration and supervision of Cycling Federation of Sri Lanka. Arrangements have been held to hold the cycle racing event, Guwan Hamuda Papedi Savariya 2019, conforming to international standards.

The Air Tattoo 2019 Organizing Committee Chairman, Air Vice Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana said the Air Tattoo exhibition will be open from March 2 to 6. On March 2, the exhibition will be held from 9.30 am to midnight and on all the other days it will be between 2 pm to 12 midnight. Entrance is free.


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