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Universal College Lanka OFFERS pathway to Monash University

UCL (Universal College Lanka) holds the unique distinction of being the only transnational education institute in Sri Lanka which exclusively provides a guaranteed pathway to the prestigious Monash University through its exclusive partnership.

Monash University is a Group of Eight (Go8) University which comprises of Australia’s eight leading Research Universities and a TOP 60 University in the world being ranked 59th in the world(QS University Rankings 2018).

At UCL we deliver both the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) programme and Monash College Diploma (MCD) programmes in Business, Engineering and Engineering (IT). The MCD programmes are equivalent to the first year of the Business, Engineering and Engineering (IT) Degrees offered at Monash University and provides a guaranteed pathway to the second year of any degree programme offered at Monash University in Australia or Malaysia.

Students who enrol in either the MUFY or MCD programmes, have the unique opportunity to complete their Foundation level or Diploma level (First Year of the Degree) studies right here in Sri Lanka in the comfort of their homes and thereafter transfer to Monash University Australia or Malaysia.

At UCL, the focus of the MUFY and MCD programmesis to nurture students to gain the graduate attributes which guarantee university success: communication, flexibility in thinking, problem-solving, literacy, independence, collaboration and engagement. Students are prepared and encouraged to reach their full academic potential by learning to be independent, self-motivated and resourceful – the key to succeed in a Top 60 University in the world.This makes the transition process from UCL to Monash Australia or Malaysia a smooth and easy one!

At UCL we deliver the same curriculum offered at Monash University Australia or Malaysia. At UCL we adopt the small-group teaching methodology where we maintain internationally recommended classroom sizes. This small-group teaching method enables our lecturers to give their utmost attention to each student thereby our students receive 100% individual attention during every lecture. This classroom set-up enables effective interactions among lecturer and student, encourages more group discussions between students and ultimately leading to a great student- lecturer relationship.

UCL has the proud record of garnering over 100 Global Awards of Excellence in the past three years. Monash Global Awards of Excellence are awarded to students who have achieved the highest average for a subject among all other Monash College providers world-wide, including those studying in Melbourne, Australia.


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