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JLanka Technologies strides forward with latest innovations

JLanka Technologies, provider of Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Systems and Next Generation Energy Technologies of Sri Lanka strides forward in the face of this dawned era with their latest innovations, ideas and future-proof renewable energy solutions. Brought to existence in 2010, JLanka Technologies has fearlessly strived and emerged as an impactful energy technological entity.

Over the years they have successfully installed a total of 3750 Solar PV projects. Their persistent vision of an eco-friendly nation entirely powered by renewable energy is the motive for empowerment of this energy revolution. Architect 2019 brings you eco-friendly lifestyles with appealing architectural aspects as they put together a platform for Engineers and Architects to ally in this revolution.

Beyond the big-budgeted inaugural costing lies the infinite benefits of using Solar Power to satiate our daily energy requirements. The crew at JLanka technologies is well-equipped to cater to all your concerns regarding Solar Solutions and is exceedingly capable of providing you with a high-end service. Their ambitions in enhancing their service quality and customer satisfaction fuel them in the merging of their expertise knowledge with the Architects of the nation to offer you not only a green and eco-friendly system but a radiant renewable energy solution.

“The proficiency of Architects comes in hand in providing an all-in-one solar solution comprising of an aesthetically alluring appearance as well. We intend to extend our services to those customers who desire such a high-end service.

The team at JLanka Technologies aspires to inspire citizens of the nation to cater these sustainable technological advances instead of hazardous non-renewable sources. Providing our customers with an explicit deal they wouldn’t have the heart to refuse is the outcome we are surging for,” commented, Operation Director, G. Jayasoma of JLanka Technologies

JLanka Technologies’ long term solar solution supplier, Solar Edge is a global leader in smart energy technology.

It’s an Israel based provider of power optimizer, solar inverter and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic arrays. Having been inaugurated in 2006 they invented the DC optimized inverter solution that brought upon tremendous changes in the harvesting and managing of photovoltaic systems.


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