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Price control to be extended to inland fish

Inland fish will be brought under price control in the near future Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs Livestock Development Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister P. Harrison said.

Addressing a meeting at the Kalawewa Aquaculture Training Centre to discuss problems faced by inland fishermen, Minister Harrison said as eggs, meat and sea fish had been brought under price control he faced a question as to whether it should be extended to inland fish too. He noted that inland fish was more fresh and nutritious than sea fish because sea fish reached the table nearly three months after the catch being kept under refrigeration in deep sea trawlers for nearly 45 days.

He also said that in future, signalling equipment would be fixed on all deep sea trawlers to prevent their misuse by racketeers engaged in drug smuggling and the human trafficking trade.

The Minister also distributed fiber glass boats and outriggers among a batch of 24 inland fishermen from Rajangane, Angamuwa, Katiyawa, Habarana, Kalawewa, Padaviya, Mahakanadarawa and Mahawilachchiya under a scheme funded by the Ministry.


Control price for freshwater fish - (16:02)

In future there will be a control price for freshwater fish said the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development, Irrigation & Fisheries and Aquatic Resources P.Harrison .

The Minister pointed out that although there is a control price for meat, fish, eggs and sea fish but the shortage of control prices for freshwater fish is a defect.