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Lanka to host regional summit on sanitation

The South Asian Conference on Sustainable Solution for Sanitation (SACOSAN – 3S) will be held from February 21 to 23 at Berjaya Hotel Colombo under the patronage of City Planning, Water Supply and Higher Education Minister Rauff Hakeem and State Minister Lucky Jayewardene.

The three-day conference will provide a platform to learn about scalable sanitation solutions and best practices from South Asian national governments as well as water and sanitation experts and practitioners from the region.

The conference is the first step towards fostering knowledge-sharing links among practitioners and governments in the region, thus acting as a complementary process in translating the spirit of SACOSAN’s commitment into action.

Delegates will share their knowledge and experience on four thematic areas including Improving Sector Governance through Policy and Programme Monitoring, Reporting and Accountability Instruments, Scalable Faucal Sludge and Septage Management Solutions, Environmentally Sustainable and Climate Resilient Sanitation Solutions and Building Blocks for Achieving Inclusive and Equitable Sanitation.

The 3S conference is organised by the Regional Center for Sanitation established by the City Planning, Water Supply, and Higher Education Ministry to fulfill a commitment made at the SACOSAN - VI Declaration of the ministerial meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2016.

The 3S conference is attended by regional government professionals and practitioners from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and Maldives.


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