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Galewela Blacksmiths seek redress

Blacksmiths of Galewela seek raw materials at low prices to continue their livelihoods. They say they cannot compete with the imported products since they have to buy raw materials at high prices.

Finding raw materials is very difficult and price of them have also gone up. They say they cannot supply their products to the market as the prices of their products have gone up with the increased prices of the raw materials.

They say they could produce quality products if they were supported with the raw materials at low prices by the government. Their children do not like to pursue this field now since they cannot earn a high income from it.

Had they not received support from the government, the traditional craft of these people would disappear very soon, they said.

Heen Appu, a blacksmith of Galewela, said he has been doing this craft since his childhood. “My parents did this and I followed them. Earlier we earned very well by doing this,” Heen Appu said.


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