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Say I love hue!

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, which means it’s time to start planning out what you’re going to buy your partner for the love-filled day.

Unless you’re single of course, in which case you should probably start deciding what you’re going to buy yourself. Because nobody should go without. And if you’re wanting something a little out there while still sticking to a traditional vibe, Morrisons has launched rainbow roses, and they’re seriously pretty.

Launched as part of Morrisons’ The Best range, the Rainbow Rose was released from February 11. It comes in partnership with LGBTQ+ youth homeless charity The Albert Kennedy Trust.

Each limited edition rose costs £4, with 50p from each sale being donated to the charity, which provides safe homes and support to young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bi or trans. Developed by Morrisons florists, the roses have been dyed so that each petal displays the colours of the rainbow.

To do this, florists cut the rose stems and dip each part into a different coloured water – which are absorbed by the flower to turn each petal into a different vibrant colour – including blue, yellow, green, violet and pink.

Drew Kirk, Produce Category Manager at Morrisons says, “We’re stocking rainbow roses this Valentine’s day for the first time. They’ve been designed to celebrate love.” Metro


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