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Angunakolapelessa tank encroached

The Eraminiyaya tank in Angunakolapelessa providing water to about 36,000 families in Angunakolapelessa is being encroached, according to residents.

The tank comes under the purview of the Mahaweli authority. The tank’s size is 5,575 hectares. The farmers and residents said requests have been made to the Mahaweli authority to adopt measures to solve this problem but they turn a deaf ear.

Meanwhile, the cinnamon industry in Hambantota is in a pathetic state due to the lack of state patronage to cinnamon cultivators, cultivators claim.

The cinnamon cultivation is carried out in large scale in Katuwana, Walasmulla, Middeniya and Weeraketiya.

There is also an acute shortage of cinnamon peelers. Cinnamon peeling is a laborious task and peelers should be paid more, cultivators said. They said the new generation does not wish to engage in cinnamon peeling as it is a laborious task. 


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