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SLIM launches Entrepreneurial Marketing certification programmes

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) launched its latest educational programme, the ‘Certificate in Entrepreneurial Marketing’(CEM) on an impressive note at a ceremony held recently at the BMICH, Colombo.

The opening ceremony was well-attended by professionals including officials from the Export Development Board, the National Chamber of Exporters, the National Chamber of Commerce and a selected group of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs.

The novel programme is aimed primarily at increasing the awareness and understanding of the essential applications and relevant tools in entrepreneurial marketing in order to equip participants to compete effectively and efficiently in the market place. It focuses on the strong need to develop tools, principles and theories to help businesses — especially start-ups and small enterprises — to survive and thrive in an increasingly hostile and unpredictable environment.

The programme fills a long-felt need for entrepreneurial marketing in the Sri Lankan context with the changing economic environment. The specialized programme also aims to boost the confidence of aspiring entrepreneurs by tutoring them in the relevant skills essential in such marketing practices.

The new programme was launched as a five month course with the focus on both theoretical and practical approaches to the discipline.Ithas been designed to enable start-up entrepreneurs to develop proactive and inventive marketing strategies to enhance the competitive edge for their business.

Introducing the ‘Certificate in Entrepreneurial Marketing’ at the event, President SLIM and CEO of Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics, Pradeep Edward said, “The newest product to our Educational portfolio is specially designed to meet the market requirementsfor shaping and equipping pioneering entrepreneurs to the market armed with the right marketing skills”.

Acknowledging the significance of an education in Marketing in the present context, the guest speaker CEO and Managing Director Idea Group, Indika Sampath Mayakaduwa said, “Marketing is a vital part of today’s business world. It helps a business to focus on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It will provide an understanding of buying patterns and attitudes while also exploring the psychology behind certain marketing techniques. Marketing teaches about branding elements to make a brand successful and the various communication tools that can help in that process.”

Speaking at the event, Anoma Karalliyadde, Director Regional Development of the Export Development Board (EDB) shared her thoughts on the need for more local entrepreneurs entering the market. She elaborated on the role the EDB is playing to help them launch and sustain their businesses through its various activities, programs and forums. Ramal Jasinghe, President of the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) shared his thoughtswith the audience highlighting the importance of winning export markets to entrepreneur businesses.

Emphasizing the quality of education at SLIM, Suranjith Swaris, Vice President Education at SLIM and also the Business and Marketing Consultant stated, “SLIM is an educational institute which focuses heavily on providing quality coaching and study material while maintaining very high standards, thereby enabling students to deliver exceptional results with value additions.”

Sanath Senanayake, CEO and Executive Director of SLIM said, “As the national body of Marketing in Sri Lanka, SLIM continues its effort towards enhancing and continuously developing marketing education and its commitment towards the profession by widening the horizons of the present and future marketers in the country.”


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