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Deepa Mehta at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa

Deepa Mehta was at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa recently. Born in India, Mehta’s first film was “Sam and Me”. She is known as a ground-breaking screen writer, director and producer. Her emotionally resonating, award winning films are famous all around the world. She is also well known for her trilogy: Fire, Earth and Water.

The director, whose previous works like Earth and Midnights Children were also book adaptations, said it’s hard for her not to visualize books cinematically while she’s reading. “I love adapting books. There are some books which are cinematic and there are some which aren’t. When I read a book, I keep visualizing it. Words come to life, you form images and sometimes I can even see who’s acting in it.”

“The soothing environment fashioned by the hotel helps minds to dive in creativity. It’s our pleasure to make Deepa’s stay at our hotel a memorable one. We are extremely proud and happy to welcome the great film maker Deepa Mehta,” says the Colombo Court Hotel & Spa General Manager Wojciech Raus.

Pleasingly situated in the heart of Colombo of magnificent pearl of the Indian Ocean-Sri Lanka, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is a relaxing holiday destination and dining spot, where you can practice the allure of gastronomy bestowed with luxury, tranquility and ecstasy. 


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