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New GScan screening increases success of pregnancy

Credence Genomics Pvt Ltd Sri Lanka’s pioneer in clinical genomics and only Next Generation Sequencing facility proudly launches GScan range of diagnostics for infertility related issues. Non Invasive GScan (Non Invasive Pre-natal Testing) and IVF GScan (Pre implantation genetic screening) is now available in all leading hospital and leading fertility centers Island wide. The cutting edge screening technology assists in aneuploidy testing and IVF testing increasing success of pregnancy.

Infertility and high-risk pregnancies are a growing medical problem globally usually due to multiple reasons including smoking, late marriages, menstrual irregularities and chronic illnesses to name a few. The GScan diagnostics range will play an assistive role in screening for aneuploidies in fetuses before even being implanted.

The GScan suite of products screen a patient and assist a clinician during various stages of pregnancy. Starting from the inception of IVF the highest success of pregnancy can be achieved when screening with IVF GScan to ensure the optimal time of implantation. Following conception Non-Invasive GScan is a near hundred percent accurate screening test that assists the clinician along with other routine tests to evaluate the state of the fetus.

Trusted and used by Sri Lankan clinicians island wide the GScan range of products have replaced risky procedures, like amniocentesis, and still giving the patients and clinicians the answer they need while increasing the success of IVF treatment by double. All tests are conducted at Credence state-of-the-art facility in Kohuwala, Sri Lanka. Led by a team of leading scientists and clinicians Credence continues to offer locally accurate, rapid and cost-effective screening tests. Validated locally and internationally the range caters to both local and international healthcare hospitals and fertility centers.

Professor Tiran Dias a leading consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Professor in Fetal Medicine said, “GScan represents the future of genomic inclusive screening in the areas of pregnancy and IVF. Credence continues to establish its dominance by serving the region through its innovations bringing world class screening at cost effective prices.”

Credence Genomics also provides genetic counselling to patients to help them understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to the disease. Accompanying the GScan range of products, Credence has a series of products under its GSeek category which allow for screening for a couple who plan to have a child and the genomics health of the child can be checked with GSeek Newborn screening.

Dr. Padmapani Padeniya, Geneticist and a Genetic Counselorand also a Senior Lecturer of Ragama Medical Faculty said, “IVF GScan is the new frontier of testing aneuploidy in IVF technology. In fact this test provides the selective screening of embryos before being implanted hence the success rate can be enhanced. Further it will directly reduce the incidence of birth defects in Sri Lanka”. Non-invasive GScan enables the mother to screen the fetus non-invasively at an early as 10 weeks of gestation for commonly available aneuploidies like Down syndrome.

Chairman/CEO, Credence Dr. Vaz Gnanam said “As we continue to pioneer and develop the latest accurate, tests for the region our commitment to providing the best in health care is represented in our infertility range of GScan products. As a company we believe that this product range will add value to IVF and the general practice of obstetrics and gynecology.”


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