‘Half of K’gala’s coconut oil diluted’ | Daily News

‘Half of K’gala’s coconut oil diluted’

Fifty percent of coconut oil available at groceries for consumers of the Kurunegala District is adulterated and many types of low-quality vegetable oil are mixed into the pure oil, Kurunegala District Coconut Estate Owners’ Association Chairman S.M. Premaratne told the Daily News on Tuesday.

Low-quality coconut oil is sold to consumers at higher prices. Officials of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) should crack down on such errant traders without delay, he said, adding that PHIs in the Kurunegala District had confirmed this.

“Many mill owners do this racket to earn more profits. I appeal consumers to be vigilant when buying coconut oil from groceries and shops as children would fall ill easily by consuming food prepared using these adulterated coconut oil,” Premaratne said. 


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