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Yacht manufacturing at Ussangoda

A yacht manufacturing plant is being set up at Ussangoda in Ambalantota for the production of yachts.

Former Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Mahinda Amaraweera laid the foundation stone for the industrial venture about a year ago. The minister then said there is a big demand for yachts for international tourism.

Meanwhile, Rekawa in Tangalle, where sea turtle watching is popular, is among the top 10 eco-friendly travel destinations, according to the online travel community IGO UGO owned by Travelocity.

Five of the seven species of turtles come to nest here with the most popular being the green turtle.

Meanwhile, coconut shells have become a money-spinner for low-income families. They sell them to the wholesale market.

The Coconut Development Authority sources said its target was to purchase seven million shells per month from coconut shell collectors.

They said 60,000 more coconut shells are needed to manufacture one metric ton of activated carbon. Meanwhile, illicit gem mining on either side of Walawa Ganga from Ambalantota to Embilipitiya has posed a problem for residents.


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