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A magical underground world!

Thousands of glow worms have turned a cave luminous blue in a fascinating attempt to attract prey.

Photographer Tom Archer, 34, was visiting the caves in Waitomo, New Zealand, when he snapped the bioluminescent glow worms.

The blue light they produce is used to attract other insects at night – something Tom struggled to photograph due to it being pitch black.

Tom, from London, said, “I was blown away by how surreal and magical these caves are. As I waited for my eyes to adjust to the dark the glow-worms appeared like the Milky Way above my head. I felt like I was on an alien planet and felt completely awe struck by the experience. Around the light the glowworms hang sticky threads, which they use to catch the insects and then eat them, much in the same way a spider does in its web. There are several species of glow worms that can be found in New Zealand, Australia, North America and parts of Eurasia.” Story Trender


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