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Police, CSD hunt for missing child

The missing child
The missing child

An operation was launched by the Saliyawewa Police and the Civil Security Force (CSD) in search of a four year old girl, who had gone missing since last Wednesday morning.

Police said the child had lived with her mother and grand parents in a house in Neelabemma, Olumaduwa area. The child had gone missing from the house when her parents went to repair a water motor which was fixed to Kala-Oya .

Her grand parents who had heard her screams had rushed to the scene.When they had arrived to their house, they had noticed that the mother and their grand daughter had gone missing.Only the mother was found in a state of shock in an unconscious state near a cemetery in the area.

The grand parents and the villagers had questioned the mother about her missing daughter.But she was reportedly not in a position to speak about it due to her state.

Villagers believe that the spirit of the child’s dead father had possessed her body and she had gone to the cemetery with the child due to the influence of the spirit.

When the mother had recovered from this spirit, she had gone to the Saliyawewa Police Station and had lodged a complaint that her child had gone missing. Saliyawewa Police are investigating.



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