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Suspect held for selling drugs

A 60-year-old suspect selling a drug known as apple to schoolchildren, was arrested by Katupotha Police in Kurunegala, recently. Acting on a tip-off, police officers apprehended the suspect with 200 tablets of the drug.

The suspect was identified as a resident of Siyambalagaskotuwa. Following interrogations, he had confessed to buying the drugs for Rs.120 per tablet, and selling them at Rs.400 per tablet.

Meanwhile, Kumbukgete Police arrested 432 drunken drivers, last year, and a sum of Rs.5.9 million had been collected through fines after they were convicted.

Thirteen road accidents had taken place in the area during that time period and about three persons had died in them. Kumbukgete Police OIC IP Jayantha Gamage told the Daily News that 45 police officers have been deployed to apprehend errant drivers, both during day and night.



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