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SP public servant transfers on hold

The Southern Provincial Council Board of Ministers resolved to suspend all annual transfers of employees which were to be effective from February 1, at its meeting held yesterday.

The Ministers arrived at the above decision in consideration of numerous allegations levelled by public sector employees against the annual transfers recommended by the Annual Transfer Board of the Provincial Chief Secretariat.

Many provincial council employees charged that the appeal applications tendered by them for the reconsideration of their transfers had been rejected without proper analysis. Moreover, they further alleged that although the employees who had completed over five years of service in same place should have been transferred with effect from January 1, 2019, the Transfer Board had offered the respective transfers with effect from February 1.

Meanwhile, the Southern Province Chief Secretary had issued a circular that any employee who did not comply with transfer orders would have their salary stopped from February.

Nevertheless an official of the Chief Secretariat told the media that in implementing the directives of this circular, care would be taken to prevent any prejudice to employees. Before implementing the circular, employees would be given opportunity to air their grievances over the transfers.

The transfers were temporarily cancelled and they will be operative as usual after consideration of the appeal applications from employees. No bias would be allowed to any employee, the Chief Secretary’s office said.

Chief Secretariat officials will also have consultations with the respective trade union representatives over the issue.


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