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Harpic supports public sanitation in Sri Pada

Making strides in a mission to achieve public wellbeing through proper sanitation, ‘Harpic Suwa Jana Meheyuma’ (Mission Wellbeing) recently completed renovating the public toilet facility at Sri Pada for public use.

The timely initiative was carried out at the start of the Sri Pada pilgrimage season to meet the sanitation needs of thousands of local pilgrims and foreign tourists who will visit the revered venue in months to come.

Sri Pada has been a prioritized location in the Harpic CSR calendar this year and the brand has conducted multiple CSR initiatives in numerous locationsin the past to provide relief to pilgrims.

Under the recently concluded initiative, Harpic Suwa Jana Meheyuma completely renovated the facility near Makara Thorana at Sri Pada and converted it to a clean and hygienic facility that caters to the thousands who visit the place. After renovations, the Reckitt Benckiser management handed over the facility to the Maskeliya Pradheshiya Sabha for maintenance and Harpic will continue to support the maintenance throughout the season.

‘As one of the leading hygiene brands in the country, Harpic has aligned all CSR efforts under ‘Suwa Jana Meheyuma’ to provide the public with important sanitation facilities and education on hygiene.

‘We are grateful to Harpic for this generous and timely initiative to renovate public sanitation facilities at Sri Pada.

While we thank Harpic and Reckitt Benckiser for this initiative, we would like to reiterate our commitment towards maintaining this facility in a good condition for the benefit of all pilgrims’ said Senbagavalli, Chairman, Maskeliya Pradheshiya Sabha, commenting on the Harpic initiative.



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