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Review of labour officers’ work

Union calls for systematic process

Government Service Labor Officers’ Association President I. C. Gamage said a systematic assessment process should be formulated to review labour officers’ work to ensure that the grade and pay is according to their duties and responsibilities.

He said yesterday, that the administration of the Labour Department earlier agreed to convene a meeting and discuss a new assessment process with labour officers in February, before calling for the next progress reviewing meeting.

However, the management has called a meeting recently neglecting the agreement.

“We decided not to participate in the meeting as our request to formulate a systematic assessment process to evaluate our work has not been prepared yet. But, the administration has now informed us that action would be taken to sack members who did not attend the meeting,” Gamage added.

“The administration cannot restrict labour unions’ activities and powers. We will take legal action against them if they do so,” he said. He urged the administration to upgrade the facilities of labour officers before their progress is reviewed. Gamage said the transport allowances of labour officers should also be increased as they are mostly involved in field work.


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