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South East Asia’s iconic comedian to perform in Sri Lanka

Pulling no punches!

Emra Bombeck once said that there is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humour and hurt. These words sum up why doing comedy, especially in front of a crowd, is no laughing matter.

The nature of comedy is such that it takes so much skill, hard work, luck and persistence. Hailed as one of South East Asia’s most iconic and respected performing artistes and an expert stand-up comedian Kumar will be bringing his laughing riot ‘Kumarsutra’ to the Sri Lankan audience on March 17. The one night only event will unfurl in the evening at Hilton Colombo.

‘Kumarsutra’ is presented by Singaporean born Anita Dorai who recently staged the glamorous fashion extravaganza ‘Threads of Time’. The event’s proceedings went to donating 100 specially designed wheelchairs to Wheels for Wheels, an initiative by Around the Pearl that aids those living with Cerebral Palsy.

‘Kumarsutra’ is a fusion of the traditional and modern performances perfected by the popular stand-up comedian who has made a name for delivering catchy punch lines without batting an eyelid.

Delicately pieced together by Kumar, ‘Kumarsutra’ will take its audience along a heartfelt and inspiring path filled with laughter. Performing live and mesmerizing the audience Kumar manages to capture all transcending age, gender and race barriers.

The event is supported by Hilton Colombo and managed and produced by Imran Saibo’s Classic Funtime.

Speaking to the media at the announcement of the show Dorai said that ‘Kumarsutra’ will be a unique and memorable experience to the audience.

“It is a heady mix of performance art interlaced with Kumar’s comedy and his intimate stories. As Kumar himself states, ‘Nothing is made up; everything is just real’,” she said adding that the funds they get from staging ‘Kumarsutra’ too will be used for a worthy cause in aid of Wheels for Wheels.

Pictures by Ruwan de Silva


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