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[CITIZENS' Mail - (29-01-2019)]

Poorly lit roads in Colombo and suburbs

The A 2 is an A-Grade road in Sri Lanka. This connects Colombo to the southern part of the country although we now have the southern highway to ease the traffic. However, on a normal working day, this road is busy till about 11 p.m. A quick ride from Kotte to Moratuwa a few days back made me realize the state of an A grade road and its suburbs.

There were sections and sections on this road so dark and the motorist had no choice but to use the headlights. Using headlights can obstruct the visibility of the oncoming traffic.

One notable section was the Dehiwala overhead bridge.

The whole stretch is constructed without a single lamp post and it is not a surprise to see motorist hitting the railing often.

Another road which is also the main road where many ambulances travel – the stretch from Galle road to the Kalubowila hospital is too in a similar state. Trees are overgrown and cover the lamp post which deprives the light. While driving, we noticed two accidents, one just near the Saranankara turns off. This section is a poorly lit area and the other between 1st Lane and 4th Lane in Ratmalana. This stretch seems even worst with huge trees in the middle of the road and makes it darker in the night and creates a shadowy effect. Motorist can be disturbed thinking a pedestrian is trying to cross the road.

Some of these reasons may add to the traffic as motorist tends to slow down. Over to the authorities to give a thought.

Vinodini Jayawardena 


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