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Introducing is difficult more than re-introducing

Ghazals have played quite an important role in the Indian music industry for centuries. Sonu Nigam will be bringing back the ghazals for the younger generation through this season of MTV Unplugged.

Sonu talks about his affiliation with the genre, the whole trend about remixes and everything music in this interview. Though the singer has been embroiled in quite a few controversies over his views on certain issues, he prefers to keep it about music and he does have quite an interesting take on it. As someone who has heard a bit of his song for the show, I would highly recommend you watch it because you will surely be blown away.

Talking about the whole trend of remixing older songs, Sonu said, “I think it’s more of a business decision. People are re-hashing older songs to promote their films. To introduce a song is difficult; to re-introduce a song is easier because people know the song. I am nobody to comment on that. I feel if they think it’s viable, they do it. If it’s a good song, I would also love to do a remix but if it is not a good song then even original is bad. It depends on how good the song is. I always say this, people can do as many remixes as they want to but they also have to create original music for the generation next to remix them. You have to create original songs for the next generation to remix them.”

Commenting on why he chose to bring back ghazal with this season of the show, he said, “So there are five ghazals and 1 original, from my album that has been sung by Asha Bhosle. People today, they don’t know the glory of ghazals. The words, shayaris, the way certain words are pronounced, it’s beautiful. We wanted to bring back a genre that we can introduce to the newer generation and they’re very sharp. You give them something nice and they’ll grab it. My son started listening to ghazals after he heard me on MTV Unplugged so I think my purpose is fulfilled.” Times Now News


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