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[CITIZENS' Mail - (28-01-2019)]

A bouquet to Sunil Handunnetti

JVP MP Sunil Handunnetti has been appointed as the Chairman of the COPE. He is appointed to this post for the third time. He has been appointed by a unanimous decision.

All are happy about this appointment. As the chairman of COPE, he has done a very good job. He was not partial. He had the courage to expose frauds and corruption.

This is an example of appointing the correct person to the correct job at the correct time. If we appoint people following this principle to all the senior government positions, our country can be developed very easily.

It is very important to appoint persons having required qualifications and experience. A person having a very good knowledge of the subject. His or her previous record should be very good.

During the past, the COPE had exposed a lot of frauds. A lot of corruption, a lot of misuse of taxpayers’ money.

Mismanagement in government organizations, political interference, indiscipline.

Unfortunately, proper action was not taken to punish the offenders. Punish the culprits. To recover the money wasted. To prevent recurrence of those wastages. Frauds.

Sunil Handunnetti speaking in the Parliament thanked everyone for re-appointing him as COPE Chairman unanimously. He also highlighted the need to take follow up actions on the recommendations of COPE reports.

We wish Sunil Handunnetti good luck and success in his work to develop our country.

This bouquet is for your good work.

D. Weeratunga



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