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Coconut that fixes everything

A thought occurred in my mind when I abruptly set sights on a pile of king coconut shells scattered on the roadside.

The shells of this indispensable coconut, which is known as thembili in the local dialect, were later to be done away with the garbage haulers attached to the Municipal Council.

These sanitation experts, excelled in the job tasked with them, can well fill the empty shells with compost manure, mix with earth and plant them wherever possible.

The possible locations could be flower or vegetable plants or a nursery. When the plants are ready for replanting, you may dig a pit of whatever size the growing tree needs and bury the whole plant with the shell. The shell will serve as manure as it decays when time passes.

The flower and vegetable vendors can do away with black polythene sheets now they use. This process comes with another advantage. It is not necessary to water the plants daily but once in three or four days as moisture is retained.

Environmentalists must encourage this method as polythene bags or coverings it will not be necessary.

G. A. D. Sirimal


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