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Universal Basic Income awareness campaign for Sri Lanka

With automation increasingly set to take over human jobs, a solution has to be found to solve problems such as mass unemployment, which is set to follow. Talal Rafi along with 2 American activists, Jim Pugh and Scott Santens, wish to create an awareness for a basic income policy. Jim Pugh was a former Director of Analytics for US President Barack Obama, while Scott Santens is a contributor to the World Economic Forum and a leading activist for a basic income concept.

“It is important that basic income is not a hand out, but a hand up - it sets people on a path to achieve their own long-term success be recognized. Most people wish to contribute in life and if you provide them the financial resources to escape the trap of poverty, they would find a way to do it. We’re now at a moment where people are beginning to recognize the need for a new 21st century social contract which advocates like our associate Talal Rafi in Sri Lanka, bringing universal basic income into the political debate,” says Jim Pugh, former Director of Analytics and Development for President Obama’s Organizing for America and currently the Co-Director of the Universal Income Project based in San Francisco, USA.

“Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is an evidence-based investment by society in society itself, with a dividend that is unconditional, universal, individual and sufficient for basic needs. It’s been shown to reduce both poverty and inequality, while creating new entrepreneurs and bringing communities closer together. We are glad to work with our associate Talal Rafi in creating awareness around the world for a better future,” says Scott Santens, a founding member of the Economic Security Project.

“Artificial Intelligence will bring ease to humans, but would take away many of their jobs. Less than one fifth of jobs lost could be replaced. With half a billion people expected to be unemployed in the coming decades, crime alone would reach unprecedented levels. Self driving cars, growing online shopping and robots for factories, mean millions of jobs taken over by machines. With IBM Watson, even doctors and lawyers are not safe. A possible solution is a guaranteed basic income for all. India is studying UBI. It is time for Sri Lanka to start a political debate on UBI,” says Talal Rafi, an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Hubpoint based in Sri Lanka.

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