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Ravi takes measures to mitigate possible power crisis by 2020

Power, Energy and Business Development Minister Ravi Karunanayake on Monday held a discussion with the Canadian and French envoys in Colombo to find a viable solution to the energy crisis which could affect the world by 2020.

A delegation led by French Ambassador Erick Lavertu and Canadian High Commissioner David McKinnon held an extensive discussion with Minister Karunanyake at the latter’s Ministry on mitigating possible power crisis by 2020.

The Minister during the discussion stressed the importance of having a viable solution to the possible power crisis with development of technology and increase in population. He said that countries will face difficulties in fulfilling the energy requirement within the next few years due to dwindling resources .

The French and Canadian envoys were of the view that Sri Lanka is far ahead of their countries in terms of providing essential services such as electricity to the public. They commended the government for placing emphasis on promoting infrastructure facilities of the people. Placing much emphasis on promotion of such facilities will help Sri Lanka to tread on the path towards development, they opined.


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