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Kudawella fisheries harbour shooting

Police locate motorcycle

Police on Sunday located the motorcycle used in the shooting at Tangalle, Kudawella fisheries harbour on December 25, 2018. The vehicle was hidden in a drain on a coconut estate in the Beliatta police division.

The motorcycle was discovered after interrogation of the suspect arrested over the shooting incident.

Two helmets believed to have been used by the shooters were also been found in a burnt state on the estate and the police have sent it to the Government Analyst for testing.

Meanwhile, police also arrested another suspect believed to have aided and abetted in the shooting, around 10.00 am yesterday, from the Beliatta, Galagama area.

The suspect has been identified as H.K. Randika Sampath (31), a resident of Galagama North, Nakulugamuwa. He is expected to be produced before the Tangalle Magistrate today (22).

The Tangalle Police are conducting further investigations.


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