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Explosives, detonators detected in Wanathawilluwa:

Court order to detain suspects for 90 days

The group of suspects arrested by the CID for possessing explosives and detonators in Wanathawilluwa were produced in court. An order was obtained to detain them for 90 days for further interrogations, the Police Spokesman’s office said.

The CID had arrested a group of persons over the discovery of 100kg of high powered explosives used to manufacture bombs, a stock of detonators and several other illegal items that were buried in a coconut estate in Wanathawilluwa, Puttalam on Thursday.

The raiding team headed by ASP Wickramasekara had travelled almost 20 km through the jungle from Wanathawilluwa and carried out this raid.

Police suspect that this organised gang of four suspects who had built a tent in the coconut estate had been planning to set off explosions in several areas for some destructive purpose.

Among the items recovered were 100 detonators, a stock of wire cords, six 20 lt. cans of Nitrate Acid which is banned in Sri Lanka, a stock of bulbs, almost 75 kg of explosives suspected to be C4 high powered explosives, a 12 bore rifle and a stock of ammunition, an air rifle, two tents, a stock of food, cameras and several other items.

The high powered explosives were placed in large barrels and buried in the estate and the 100 detonators were also buried on the estate.

Police had discovered several labels with Indian names on the plastic barrels containing the explosives and suspect that these explosives could have been brought to the country from India. The suspects had obtained electricity to their temporary tents through solar power. The high powered explosives were sent to the Government Analyst for testing yesterday and the CID expects to obtain the report shortly. A Police team comprising CID Senior DIG Ravi Seneviratne and SSP Shani Abeysekara have commenced an investigation.



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