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Democracy and human nature

Though there are so many books, constitutions and many other documents like Acts, Ordinance and so on where democracy is said to have been offered on the people it will never reach the ordinary persons because of the human nature. No human being can be away from the human nature until he or she becomes able to overcome it. Only Buddhas, Arahants, saints and hermits can be away from it. They are above mortal human emotions.

“Equal treatment for equals” which is an ingredient in democracy cannot be implemented because human beings are always bound to do some favour for those who are faithful to them.

Human nature is doing some favour to those who are faithful to oneself. Everyone from top to bottom in society knows this fact well. Therefore many persons in society try to make some faithfulness with politicians to gain some favours.

Members of Parliament try to make some bigger faithfulness with their party leader with the aim of gaining some bigger post of minister when the party comes to power. It is also unavoidable that the party leader gives bigger ministries to those who are more faithful to him or her.

In this way human nature dominates all the affairs within democracy. Because of this human nature and the ordinary persons being unable to make some faithfulness with politicians, democracy does not reach the ordinary persons.

Martin Dasanayaka


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