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Alleged assault on Angunakolapelessa prisoners:

Justice Minister orders special investigation

Tri-member Committee to submit report by next Monday:

Justice and Prison Reforms Minister Thalatha Athukorala yesterday instructed the Prisons Commissioner General to hold a special investigation on the alleged assault on prisoners at Angunakolapelessa Prison on November 22 last year.

A tri-member committee headed by Prisons Commissioner (Administration/ Intelligence and Security Division) Thushara Upuldeniya was appointed to conduct the special inquiry and submit the report by next Monday.

The Minister will take actions based on the committee report.

CCTV footage from the newly constructed Angunakolapelessa Prison released by the “Committee for Protecting Prisoners’ Rights” showed how unarmed prisoners were allegedly assaulted by the Police within the prison complex on November 22 during the political coup.

The prisoners were said to have held a protest on October 21 against the Superintendent of Angunakolapelessa Prison and the STF raids in prison premises.

The leaked CCTV footage made the rounds in the social media yesterday.


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