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Nldb to popularise livestock, dairy products

Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development, Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister P. Harrison instructed National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) officials to prepare a proper mechanism to improve the livestock sector.

Minister Harrison told the officials that the livestock sector is important since its products are a main source of dietary protein and calories.

The Minister said the NLDB should promote the consumption of meat, milk, eggs and other livestock products to fulfill the people’s nutrition requirement.

The NLDB has to take into account the availability of product, type, income, and population to increase the quantity of livestock products. However, they have to improve quality of the products as well. Minister Harrison said a plan should be prepared to improve livestock farms of the National Livestock Development Board that do not receive enough revenue. The Minister informed the officials that it is the responsibility of the NLDB to introduce dairy products to the general public and to provide the food products made in the farms to the consumer through NLDB shops.


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