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[CITIZENS' Mail - (14-01-2019)]

Magnanimity of the President

It was stated in the newspapers that the Army would be releasing 1,000 acres of Northern state lands as directed by President Maithripala Sirisena. While the people of North will so joyfully welcome it with ever to be grateful to the President, the latter too for himself will be greatly satisfied for having done his duty for the ever suffering people there by taking a bold decision. May be by apprising this deserving matter to the Maha Sangha.

As the President of this country he had done justice to them. We could just imagine what a hard life the people would have spent, apart from the loss of their kith and kin and destruction of their properties during the long 30 years of war. They are either not worried or realize not what a constitution is then or even now while their politicians led a safer life in Colombo during that gloomy period.

Be that be so, if this was done by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his government, the firebrands in the Opposition would have stage so many protests. But as this meritorious act was executed by the President and as he is the Leader too to the parties of the firebrand, whether willingly or reluctantly have accepted him, they could not organise anything against the decision of the prudent President in distributing the lands in the North.

I take this opportunity of asking the Opposition MPs as to why they vociferously ‘shout’ on public stages and TV interviews that the government is going to sell ‘state institutions or lands’ to the foreigners. Cannot they for a moment recollect or realize that their government already involved in such matters? Why attempt to conceal like a dunce.

Those leftist members too who are helplessly clinging to the boat of Opposition continuously repeat of such things either ‘hiding or as if could not remember’ of state institutions and lands being sold by whom they are now glued. The other tool they use to hammer the green government is that it is going to divide the country by supporting the Tamil politician of the North. All these allegations are just ‘His Master’s Voice’ record player. How can and what can be done when there is a President in the country representing the vast majority Sinhala people? All these fiddle-sticks are jealousy and cruelty of many politicians owing to their ‘poly-tricks’ for their own survival. And also to escape from cases currently in the hearing stages in the courts for their ‘mega corrupt dealings’.

May God give them good thinking to consider every man on this land is a Sri Lankan though he will be from a minority or low class one. Let justice and fairness be done to him. Every one’s step is towards the grave so why be greedy or jealousy towards his fellow being?

Nazly Cassim

Colombo 13


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