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MILCO to increase daily dairy collection

Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development, Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister P. Harrison has instructed MILCO officials to take immediate measures to increase its daily dairy collection up to 350,000 litres.

He was speaking at a meeting of MILCO executives recently at the Rural Affairs Ministry.

The Minister said it was questionable the reason for the reduction of daily milk collection to 170,000 litres and instructed the authorities to strengthen the milk collection at all collection centres.

The Minister instructed the officials to implement a special training programme for dairy farmers to improve quality and quantity of the milk production.

He instructed to take immediate measures to construct chilling centres proposed in Pulmude, Eppawala, Welioya, and Rambewa.

The Minister said local milk consumption should be increased by producing yoghurt and ice-cream.

State Minister Amir Ali participated.


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