‘Public servants conning farmers to be brought to book’ | Daily News

‘Public servants conning farmers to be brought to book’

Public servants in the Agriculture sector receiving salaries without providing relief to the farming community are committing a serious offence; Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development, Irrigation and Fisheries, and Aquatic Resources Development Minister P. Harison said.

He also said that such public servants would have to pay for those farmers when they have children as their children would suffer due to their crimes as well.

The Minister was speaking at an opening ceremony of the Agrarian Services Centre in the Laggala green town, parallel to the Moragahakanda-Kaluganga Reservoir Project.

Minister Harison said that he had proposed to grant businessmen loans to buy paddy from farmers only on the basis that they buy 1kg of

samba paddy for Rs.41, while 1kg of

nadu paddy should be bought at a rate of Rs.38.

He said that the businessmen are looking forward to buying the paddy at low rates; that they take loans from the government and attempt to buy the paddy at low rates.

Minister Harrison said he suggested that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe grant free fertiliser to farmers. He said that if fertiliser was provided free, more people would take up farming.

He added that businessmen import onions before the crop was even harvested in the country as they know that taxes would be imposed during the harvesting season.

He said he would implement regulations preventing such businessmen from importing excessive amounts of big onions. He added that more raids would be conducted to locate stores in which such stocks have been hidden.

Minister Harrison added that there were public servants who did not properly distribute fertiliser among farmers. Those public servants would be content when they get their salary, but it was an offence that could not be overlooked, he added.


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