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Atlas Axillia partners Ridi Viharaya in community outreach

Atlas Axillia recently concluded its annual community outreach initiative held in association with the historic Ridi Viharaya ; held for the 16th consecutive year.

the initiative forms an integral part of the Company’s unique CSR initiative that reaches out to children in a series of activities.

The Atlas Axillia - Ridi Viharaya school supplies donation initiative was a fitting finale to 2018, touching the hearts and minds of hundreds of children in rural communities islandwide. The endeavor seeks to provide an equal opportunity to as many children as possible, towards enabling them to engage in their studies without undue worry about the supply of books. The project which meets the annual school requirements of over 1,000 children, was held under the patronage of The Mahanayake of the Malwatte Chapter, Most Ven. Thibobotuwawe Sri Sumangala Thera and Ven. Thibotuwawe Buddharakkitha Thera, Nayake Thera of the Ridi Viharaya.

Asitha Samaraweera Managing Director of Atlas Axillia, said that Atlas Axillia is committed to a greater vision of empowering students to make their dreams come true under the Atlas Axillia “Sihinayata Sahayak”, a community driven initiative that articulates the Company’s strong visibility and presence in the hearts and minds of Sri Lanka’s student population. As an industry leader in school supplies and related products, Atlas Axillia has always been trusted by students as a reliable and a consistent supplier of products they need throughout the school year.

“ We strongly believe in sustaining relationships with the students and the community at large with projects that lock in our pledge towards supporting ventures which need greater engagement and support, he adds.

Nirmal Madanayake, Executive Director of Atlas Axillia, under whose guidance the initiative commenced originally said, “It is a continuation of the promise Atlas has made to Ridi Viharaya and the student community who has benefitted from the initiative over the years. Many children have been assisted through this and continue to be helped – which of course enables them to reach for greater heights.”


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