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Get the new looks of 2019

Highlighters and illuminators

Summer has been ablaze with illuminators and pearly powders but this fall is going to be truly glitterful thanks to is ultra-shimmery, ultra-personal touches with glitter that just won’t quit!

How to achieve the look: Soak up the glitter with your brush then spread it generously on your lips, your eyelids or your cheeks. But to ensure proper balance, make sure you only apply it to a single area (unless you’re going all out for a special evening!). And when greater discretion is called for, opt for natural skin tones and subtle accents.


The illuminated eye

It is time to give our eyes a little wake-up call. This season’s solution? A touch of white eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye. Your choice - matte or iridescent. Either way, all eyes will be on yours!ww

How to achieve the look: Nothing could be easier - just use a small brush or the pointed end of a sponge to apply the eyeshadow, then blur it in slightly.

Finish your facial refresh by adding a touch of pink to your lips. Then add a little illuminator to your cheekbones and the upper edges of your mouth.


Glossy lips

A must-have look from the fall/winter shows - shimmering lips with that "just bitten" effect.

They’re a great way to keep your lips looking summer fresh.

How to achieve the look: Go for softer, subtler colours that tend towards pastels, like peach or rose.

Pay close attention to the texture too, using glossy finishes that mimic the lustrous effect of vinyl.


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