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2019 already and so much more fabulous sport to look forward to

Concepts of fair play and natural justice on an even playing field… cardinal principles that make our Union code...almost an alternative lifestyle for those born with the oval DNA.

Life on planet rugby exceptional as always, and not too quick to grasp the realities between the hemisphere divides.

Naturally island nations like ours are listed at the big office ...with little or no momentum to inspire growth and skill development.

A customary annual financial grant is disbursed to support the ‘game’ and it’s operational base ... much to the delight of our designated bankers ... rather than genuine progress at the base or grassroots level. The facts over the last 10 years speak for themselves and shine the light on this obscure burden and baggage ...also known as Development and Growth?

The game needs Sri Rugby and the Ministry of Sport to look carefully at hugely successful rugby stables ...and simply follow that example.

Logically it needs to suit our environment etc.

Curiously we are still only a dozen clubs at the top ...and unable to nurture more participation.

Ideal if we hit wide with plans to establish rugby specific ...skill development centres at district level, teamed up with qualified local coaches and familiar with ground conditions.

We provide basic kit and shed stocked with equipment for squad training.

7s is now an Olympic sport with oceans of opportunities and fun to learn skills, English, running, catching passing, kicking, getting fitter and sharper…plus a list of benefits for kids from 8 years upwards.

The community share is equally beneficial to parents and leadership.

The package extends itself to practical, healthy, competitive selections....and the actual benefits double and triple.

Experts and pundits aside ...kids need to enjoy playing, and sharper natural skills ...they need to be carefully encouraged and free to develop their ability to express their talents.

History is littered with examples, fact and fiction, about amazing kids who are born into slums…poverty and no future.

Their inspiring stories from rags to riches ...using skills and natural abilities for the sport they love and live for… is phenomenal reality for millions to start.

Sri Lanka is listed among the 100s of nations seeking a better future for its younger generations ...and as such, need to be substantial and proactive with our natural resources.

Build our base foundation so solid that it eradicates fear and doubts We must be able to provide our own creative options to unearth new talent and strength among the kids while at school. Provide the right environment and grading.

Sri rugby desperately need to be in the right place at the right time.

We will only succeed our desired ranking if we buckle down, stop condemning our players to sight-seeing tours and get the logistics and planning absolutely correct. Structured pre tour and selection based on fundamentals.

Rock solid coaching and management team plus physio nourishment and pre hab.

Discipline is no. 1...and must not be compromised at any level.

Players must be clear about their jobs and responsibilities...especially when they are rep players in the national squad.

Intel on travel, venue, living conditions, weather patterns, team stats etc a significant component of our tour prep and knowledge. We try as much to reduce our risk factors...and surprises.

A quick assessment of 2018 results and reports should easily provide the absolute need for detailed prep before we sign up for national duty. We were nudged off the Asian ladder at each level from U16 girls to Sri 1st team 7s...both the men and women not able to make the cut at top 3.

This needs to be given priority and a task for the top brass to solve asap…

We cannot expect the players to profile up and prep from school, couple of weeks routine training....

Then.... up against Asia’s top nations...Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taipei and Philippines - fully professional operations.

Significantly each tour we have been competitive on day 1... but performances have dipped beyond the opening day and needs leadership, good example and our pride ....why we do this?

Opponents free to dictate with no impact pressure in both attack and defence from our threes or breakaway.

Methinks we booster plans to mentally and physically match up to the Asian warrior we confront away from home.

We match or better stats, skill, pace, impact, strength and finishing.

Dialog must be celebrating the league title weeks away for Kandy again...back to back and tough to counter. Havelocks are playing well as a team their support like big waves and plenty of distraction ...particular in the loose, that has provided the team a new source of fuel in the last 15mins.

They are in a good place and the best shot for coach Martis to drive for tries and bonus when they run out against traditional rivals CR.

What a rib bruiser it promises to be.

Epic battle on the cards ...particularly Tarinda Ratwatte who has exemplified the art and balance of a kicking fly half ...who is the ship’s captain under pressure.

Add Omalka G for max impact both sides of the park ...Rahul as steady and early ball for gains all day.

Either way a harsh reminder of playing out of their skins to honour their buddy who will add to chewable determination and raw courage.

Kavindu will wish for intensity and a plan that controls Havelocks midfield.

Havies skipper Niroshan, Martis, Lakala, Sadun in form, Reza’s educated boot will be critical in attack and tested under a barrage of up & unders.

Nilufer will expect CR to dominate with his superior back division. Game promises to be a pure grudge battle with no love lost and plenty of scores to settle ...expect to hear the front rows get stuck in and Sharo to clean out gleefully...but onside of course. His phenomenal work rate and superior ball dog skills will be under the kosh.

Hapugoda adds running dimension and depth to the Havelocks counter attack from all corners.

All in all ...adrenaline happy impact weekends that are compulsive watching and pure joy to marvel at the marauding skills for 100 minutes max out on pure turbo charged blood instincts.

Bula bula Sri rugby, island style.

Soak it in.


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