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E-motoring system to be introduced

The Department of Motor Traffic will introduce an E-motoring system for the registration and transfering of ownership of vehicles through an online system from this year, Commissioner General of Motor Traffic A.H.K.Jagath Chandrasiri said yesterday.

Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday,he said that the e-motoring system will connect all stakeholders in the field including importers, sales centers and insurancers.

He said the project would be introduced to save the time of people who seek registration and transferring the ownership of their vehicles. The project will also include the introduction of the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) for motor vehicles. The RFID device will be issued along with the number plate to get the needy information for the Police, RDA and CMC.

Motor Traffic Commissioner (Infromation and Communication Technology) Thushara F. Suraweera said the new system would be first introduced to new vehicles when registered and thereafter to other vehicles gradually.

He said the identification system could be made use of by the police in the event forged number plates were used and would also be useful in cracking down on crimes where vehicles were involved.

He further said that vehicle identification cards (VIC) will be issued for all new vehicles to ensure the authenticity of vehicles. The purpose of vehicle identification cards is to dent the practice document forgery and to streamline the whole process of vehicle registration.

The picture of the the chassis number will be taken at the Port. Then the VIC will be issued, It will have QR code which can be scanned by the relevant authority to get the information.

He further said that all driving schools will be raided to nab illegal ones. Proposed Demerits system for driving licenses will also be implemented shortly with the help of the Police to minimize road accidents caused by reckless drivers,” he added.



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