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Protest opposite Castle Street Hospital over pregnant woman’s death

A protest held opposite the Castle Street Maternity Hospital in connection with a death of a pregnant mother with twins. The protestors claimed that the mother died due to negligence on the part of the hospital staff.

The pregnant mother from Meegoda and her twins had died at Ward Seven of the Castle Street Maternity Hospital.Family members and relations of the dead woman said the mother and her twins died due to the negligence of doctors.

The husband of the dead woman who had undergone severe pain died two days after been admitted to Ward Seven. He alleged

that she was crying in pain at the hospital but no one had paid attention to her. She has another three children.

During the protest, another person came forward and claimed that his wife died in the same manner in the same ward (Ward Seven) a month ago. The infant had survived but the mother had died. He claimed that his wife could have been operated by Ceasarian but the the health staff failed to operate on her at the right time,” the woman’s husband claims.

Castle Street Maternity Hospital Director Dr.Asela Gunawardana said the Postmortem Report on the dead women is due next week and if the family members have any suspicions about the deaths, they can forward a written complaint to the Health Services Director General.


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