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The New Year and new ideas

Immediately prior to the dawn of New Year we saw and experienced many political turmoils and legal battles. Of course that period of about two months was like a high school to learn many new lessons. New lessons mean new ideas. In that respect, this New Year should be considered as special.

Another significance of this New Year is that it may bring us three types of elections: provincial, presidential and general. Therefore this year will be very important for the people and the country.

It is the duty and responsibility of the people to be very careful when voting. Politicians have become very suspicious now. As a result of that, people are puzzled on voting.

People should stand up with new ideas. They should change their behaviour and attitude when dealing with politicians. They have to recollect and study what happened during last five years. This year must be a year of learning for the people.

Martin Dasanayaka

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