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SLC elections

As a keen cricket follower and a past school cricketer, I am deeply saddened and write this with a heavy heart to draw the attention of the present Sports Minister Harin Fernando to the juggling of cricket elections which is rightfully owned by the stakeholders of Sri Lanka Cricket.

Minister Harin would do well as the new Sports Minister to adopt the ICC decisions given at the time of former Sports Minister Faiszer Mustapha and hold the elections which is scheduled for February 7, two days before the deadline given by the ICC.

When Sri Lanka Cricket elections were due in April 2018 Minister Faiszer postponed it by appointing the Ministry’s secretary as the Competent Authority of Sri Lanka Cricket which was a joke as he had no clue to cricket administration because he had not held a bat or a ball.

Instead the Competent Authority and the Minister enjoyed all the facilities SLC could offer, and did nothing useful for revamping SLC despite the accusations that the Executive Committee was found guilty of mismanaging finances and cricket.

It was announced the Executive Committee had paid off Rs.4 billion debts, and also had savings amounting to approximately Rs.2 billion. As such, it is evident that the Sports Ministers appointed from time to time like ‘musical chairs’ are keen in blocking the progress of cricket administration by various means to grab power of cricket’s national body, little realising that the stakeholders have the absolute right of ownership.

True, the national team’s performances are below par, having received the best backup coaching staff, enhanced payments, and other facilities and perks the team failed to justify all what was given on a platter. At a recent press conference, the great Muralitharan confirmed that the administration cannot be blamed when the players have failed to perform to required standards.

Now, Minister Harin has got the smell of the SLC coffers and is applying brakes on the fixed SLC elections declared for February 7 2019. He’s undecided as to what to do and boasts of legends such as Sanga, Mahela, Mahanama, Sidath and others who are misleading him to appoint an Interim Committee without a valid reason and delaying and dragging the election rights of the stakeholders.

Minister Harin, don’t be undemocratic but please hold the SLC elections as early as possible and save Sri Lanka cricket.

Let sanity prevail.

Geoffrey Brohier
Havelock Town. 


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