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‘Export income to soon be USD 25 billion’

The government’s objective is to earn an export income of 25 billion US dollars this year and then increase it to an annual income of 30 billion US dollars in 2025; Labour, Trade Union Relations and Social Empowerment Minister Daya Gamage said.

He was addressing his ministry officials at a meeting held on January 1. Extending his greetings to officials for the New Year, Minister Gamage requested them to join hands with him to steer the country towards prosperity.

He said public servants had a vital role to play in the country’s march towards development and progress.

If anyone were to attempt to take public servants who render honest and impartial services before courts, he would engage expert lawyers at his expense to defend and protect them, the minister said.

He added that the Export Agriculture Department had rendered a colossal service in recent times, and that steps had been taken to distribute one million export crop plants.

Minister Gamage said he would distribute JJC Mango plants among ministry officials symbolising this exercise. Concurrently, 200,000 plants would be distributed throughout the country that day. He said steps had been taken to conduct 12,000 health clinics countrywide.

He said it was their duty to help and assist the underprivileged so as to continue the poverty alleviation project initiated by late President Premadasa.

State Minister Ali Zaheer Mowlana and other officials were also present at the event.


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