“Jayanethugama” 150th model village opens today | Daily News

“Jayanethugama” 150th model village opens today

The 150th model village “Jayanethugama” built under the ‘Semata Sevana Yali Pibidena Uda Gammana’ Housing programme, will be vested with the public by Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister Sajith Premadasa today.

The Jayanethugama model village constructed in Kebithigiollawa, Anuradhapura consists of 18 houses. The total sum invested in these villages was Rs. 8.1 million.

The model village is equipped with access to clean drinking water, electricity and consists of entry roads and a network of internal roads.

This housing village was constructed as a community participatory project and the National Housing Development Authority has provided low interest loans for the beneficiaries.

The Ministry has taken measures to provide Visiri housing loans worth Rs.11.8 for 50 underprivileged families and Soduru Piyasa housing loans worth Rs.5 million for 25 beneficiaries at the occasion.

Housing aid worth Rs.23.9 million will also be distributed for kidney patients. 


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