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Power-cuts without warnings, residents say

Electricity consumers in Bengamuwa, Rontumba, Urubokka, and Hulankanda complain that they face severe inconveniences when Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) officials disconnect the power supply without prior notice, for maintenance.

Consumers said that earlier, it was the practice of the CEB to inform consumers beforehand of power-cuts for maintenance. However, officials had neglected to do so in recent times.

Villagers said that they had informed authorities regarding the matter, yet there had been no change of the procedure when they cut power for maintenance. They added that due to this reason, small and medium-scale industries and those who are self-employed face severe difficulties in continuing their businesses.

They also said that day-to-day activities too, are impeded since almost all of the residents of these areas depend on electricity for household work, including washing and cooking. They said that in most areas, CEB officials inform the public of power cuts beforehand. Queried by the media, CEB officials said that they informed their consumers of the power cuts via text messages. However, electricity consumers said they did not receive any such message.

Residents urged the authorities to direct officials to inform them of power cuts for maintenance beforehand. 


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