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Nursery concert held

A performance by students.
A performance by students.

An annual concert of the Puttalam Shree Rahula pre-school was held in the Puttalam Town Hall recently.

The Puttalam Multipurpose Co-operative Society conducts the pre-school at the Shree Wisuddharama Buddhist Temple premises near the Puttalam Out Circle road.

At the concert, all 40 students of the pre-school showed their talents under the guidance of their teachers Nilanka Dilrukshi and Rasha Maduwanthi. Puttalam Urban Council Chairman K.A. Baiz chaired the event. Also, Puttalam Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society President Chinthaka, Vice President Rathnapala, former President Donil Ropas, General Manager M.Faleel, and Christian and Buddhist religious leaders participated. All students received certificates and gifts after their performances. 


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