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Call for political movement that rises above bipartite politics

Civil society members and intellectuals are longing for a new political movement which transcends traditional bipartite power politics of the country, National Front for Good Governance (NFGG) National Organiser Najah Mohamed said.

Speaking at a press conference at the new office premises in Rajagiriya on Friday, Mohamed said progressive groups among the citizenry are calling for a change of political culture to build a corruption-free and rational society.

“We need a new political path that transcends party politics of the UNP and the SLFP. Intellectuals and civil society groups are rallying together for that purpose. The NFGG is willing to join hands with such progressive groups to create a better future for the country. We invite all intellectuals and religious leaders to give their support to that initiative,” he said.

The NFGG, which has ‘double checkered flags’ as its party symbol, was recognised as a political party by the Elections Commission in 2017. It contested 20 Local Government bodies in February 2018 and 18 of its members were elected.

“We plan to expand our political activities soon and enter national-level politics,” Mohamed said.

He also said a new Constitution that promotes Sri Lanka’s identity is the need of the hour to achieve good governance and true reconciliation, but added that any Constitutional Amendment must be done transparently after extensive engagement with the public.

Mohamed also requested the holding of the Provincial Council Elections prior to the General or Presidential Elections.

NFGG President Siraj Mashoor and NFGG Member and Colombo Municipal Councilor Mohamed Safeen also spoke. 


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