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Truth must prevail!

All of us irrespective of nationality Muslims, Tamils, Burghers or Sinhala, are talking about reconciliations. The power of our democratic uprising led to rational just thinking that has spread through town and country and influencing youth too. This must continue. For that truth is a necessity. Truth must prevail for there to be long term harmony.

Dictatorial unitary structure with executive presidency of any form would promote disharmony in Lanka – not because of Tamils or Muslims but because some of Sinhala Buddhist leaders have being driven by racism.

Every so-called Buddhist who used the name of Buddhism to get votes and/or status – moved away from being Buddhist leader driven by meththa, karuna, muditha and upekka by deep false belief. Belief does not need proof. The moment we need proof – we must take independent position – including independence from kith and kin.

This applies not only to Buddhist but also to Tamils and Muslims who ‘show’ religion in Politics. Some say the Northern Provincial Council failed due to showing more self-determination than use of autonomy available. They actually had to go through common belief with the community. The more one take than what are available leads to only disbelief in mass struggle and democracy.

On the other hand, when majority Sinhala Lankan governments appreciate the need for democracy in everyday life – there will be harmony in Lanka. If one continues to be attached to past practices – one fails to live in democracy – which is the law applicable to any system seeking to produce independent outcomes. Anyone who continues to promote dictatorial unitary system – is cheating the People and is asking for disharmony in his/her own home environment.

Scientific ways in solving problems

We have logical or scientific ways in solving human problems. We should respect common sense. In sorting out things, if objects are very similar one would classify it as one group; on the other hand if objects are clearly different then the necessity to classify several groups arises. In such a situation if one tries to go forward neglecting necessary classification, even in the ordinary market, value will be much less or discarded altogether.

The recent political turmoil in Lanka confirmed to us that there is lack of common nationality classification between the two major bourgeois parties. This happened because they made Sinhala Buddhism the substance neglecting other nationalities.

The deeper feelings can be attributed to the SLFP, the lesser the need to show made the UNP the liberal party. The more one shows, the stronger the confirmation that its common belief is weak and crazy fascism is the result. Even true liberals admit Religion and State ought to have separated in the constitution. However when Sinhala Buddhist leadership became more and more visible in politics, politics became more and more racist than about social relationships.

Greater disharmony

One needs common beliefs to have a relationship. The common belief is concluded to have been at that point when racist ‘trading’ began. Thereafter the way one provides and the way the other receives are taken to be different on the basis of racism. Hence, the need for separation and independent existence for the oppressed will arise.

Reconciliation would help us understand and keep our distance from each other. Nothing else; naturally, where the senior desires position of authority without quality, reconciliation would not work. Reconciliation would work between cultures; that is with nationalities then the senior ought to have confirmed this capability within its environment.

Where differences are irreconcilable – Unitary State structure of Government would lead to greater disharmony. It has the capability to develop dictatorships. The current Lankan government has stated firmly confirmed that it will reconcile internally. However even in the case of the position of Leader of the Opposition, there is difference in interpretation between the minority Political parties and Sinhala chauvinist parties – except the UNP of which the Speaker who made the decision is a member.

Opposition Leader

Tamil National Alliance and Tamil Progressive Alliance (led by Mano Ganesan) have interpreted the principle that the same party cannot be in Government as well as lead the Opposition and hence Mahinda Rajapaksa was not eligible to hold the position of Opposition Leader – despite his party, which is also the party of the President holding second highest number of seats in parliament. Clearly, the flaw is in the law – according to which the President was part of the Parliament. There is nominal acceptance that Buddhism is the senior religion as per the Constitution – that in no way indicates those who expressly promoted Buddhism in politics can only be seniors and not be Equal opposition. The Buddha never worked in that unjust manner to restore Dharma in Lanka.

By producing a diverse interpretation of the principle of democratic governance through the objective pathway, Tamils have confirmed that their deservedness of autonomy structure of governance instead of the presidential structure.

In turn the Sinhalese have confirmed that they are not able to reconcile differences and therefore have abandoned the unitary system of management even amongst themselves. Time has for all Lankans to go for a democratic constitution fully acceptable to minority nations.



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